Share to Together Progress: What is HYLI?

Hi guys! I'm now going to tell you a bit about Hitachi Young Leaders' Initiative (HYLI). Briefly, it is a youth program conducted under Hitachi Asia which gathers 32 young leaders from South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar), and Japan to discuss the best solutions for ASEAN's current problem and further... Continue Reading →

I am not taking masters.

Hold on, it's not that I am not going to take any master in the future. But at the moment, I don't think I am really going for it. Why? Isn't that what I have been dreaming all my life? Studying abroad, getting the feel of inclusiveness in global education, living in a different country thus I... Continue Reading →

To all Front-liners (and travelers)

Hello! It's been a while since the last time I wrote. This one's gonna be brief, a quick message for all travelers and the ones working hand-in-hand to conduct trips around the world. I was taking a flight from Jakarta (SHIA) to Surabaya (Juanda) last night, well, I am not supposed to name the airline.... Continue Reading →

Jadi tgl 27 Mei yang lalu adalah hari penentuan masa depan gue. Tadinya tanggal 28 Mei tapi (untungnya) dimajuin sehari. Nah, bulan Maret lalu gue mendaftar SNMPTN hanya ke 1 univ: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember dengan prodi 1: Teknik Kimia dan prodi 2: Teknik Sipil. Gue daftar kesitu karena kalau gue daftar ke ITB sama... Continue Reading →

Hari ke 6209

Saat gue nulis post ini berarti udah 2 hari setelah hari ulang tahun gue (hari ke 6211) dan kalau orang-orang banyak merayakan ulang tahun yang ke 17 nya dengan meriah dan ribet dan macem-macem lah gue kebalikannya. Sama aja kayak hari-hari biasa dan tapi (kok rasanya) beda sama yang ke 15 & 16. Yang paling... Continue Reading →

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